Custom Décor, brand name furniture made to order
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Custom Décor, brand name furniture made to order

The design of the rooms for our clientele is free in the event that a purchase is carried out. Otherwise, payment is asked for the projecting of various solutions and designs.

The production of elements made-to-order, or an entire project, is borne out from the ability to resort to our own carpentry department, thanks to which every operation is made possible.

Carried out by serious and able personnel that dedicate attention and care both to the merchandise and to the location or home in which they operate. Considering the globalization and the deliveries that take place even abroad, these same personnel correctly speak the English, Croatian and Spanish languages.

If needed, we make use of the collaboration of artisans: painters, drywall specialists, plumbers and electricians to support both our custom projects and the needs of the clientele.

The delivery and installation are included in the price.

To meet the needs of each individual, Continuità has stipulated an agreement with a financer to design a custom payment plan.

The name Continuità has not been chosen by chance, rather to articulate our thought: to give a sense of continuity in all our doings, and therefore to guarantee continual assistance through to the end.

Furniture Trieste CONTINUITA' SNC - kitchens from Dada, furniture by Moroso, Molteni, Magis, Kristalia, Flos, Foscarini, Bonacina and other prestigious brands of Italian décor.
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