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Designer Home Décor – modern furniture. Elmar Kitchen Centre, modern furniture Elmar. A compilation of lamps from the world-famous architects of companies that have become an icon for our country, such as Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan.

Birthed as an individual firm somewhat in the quiet more than twenty years ago, it transformed into a small family company from the drive of its founder's strong passion, who was able to transmit his enthusiasm to those around him.

Over the years it has taken on collaborators who themselves have grown, and who have also made the company grow further as a local reality thanks to the common commitment and strong bond that was created. This, together with the professionalism and helpfulness that characterizes each component, represents the strong point of the company. The passion that is innate in each of them is able to homogenize individuals who, although diverse, nevertheless share a common goal in life: to give the best of themselves in order to satisfy the needs of the client.

In a reality where the supply is so abundant, enough to confuse those who approach the world of décor without having the clearly supportive experience of one who has lived in that world for many years, CONTINUITÀ is not limited to “selling” kitchens, bedrooms or what have you. Rather, it follows the client step-by-step, guiding with dedicated advice that always keeps in mind the tastes, preferences and the very personalities of each client present. This is in order to come a choice that is agreed upon, the end result of all the considerations evaluated during a journey made together, combining aesthetics and practicality, without ever negating the relationship between quality and price.

In a constant state of renewal, transformation and growth, it is now present in Trieste with two exhibitions. The first born, located at via di Cologna 21, which enjoys the representation of a “house type,” joins in a single space of a hundred square meters everything that a family could need. An open-space kitchen that faces a living room area with adequate room for each item to have its own space, with a harmony of furniture and seating that gives a pleasingly warm and elegant atmosphere. Without interruption to its continuity, one can pass to the sleeping area with a bedroom set and matching closet, where the lighting and shadowing play off each other thematically to offer a sense of calm and wellbeing that immediately causes one to savour the pleasure of lying down, immersed in a personal oasis. The sensation of wellbeing doesn’t fade when one’s gaze shifts from one ambiance to another, rather it gives a sense of unique and enchanting togetherness that arouses the desire of the beholder, causing him to feel welcomed as though in the home of friends, from which he will not readily want to leave.

The second unit is situated in a central position, a natural intersection for all those that, arriving from different areas of the city, find themselves coming across it as they move from one part to the other in different directions: it is located at via Carducci number 15.

Risen from the need to deliver designer home décor to everyone, it began as a Temporary Shop in which various events alternated, with new propositions such as the Successful Living Collection from Diesel, with Moroso; the canvas exhibitions of contemporary artists like Michele Fiocco, Paolo Bernardi, Claus Bruno Schneider and others still; a compilation of lamps from the world-famous architects of companies that have become an icon for our country, such as Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan, etc. The hour has now come when we must satisfy a need that is strongly felt these days. In a time like the one in which we live, in the midst of thousands of uncertainties regarding the future, a person who needs to purchase furniture for the home finds himself having to evaluate very carefully the “whys” of his own choices.

The fascination of a captivating design is not enough to make one opt for one model over another, but the cost must be supported by something special. We cannot, nor do we want to, overlook the aspect of its usefulness. And it is precisely this consideration that has made us choose to open an Elmar Kitchen Centre.

Elmar, thanks to the particularity of some of its unique and patented elements, is able to satisfy naturally and without any imposition, those who are getting ready for the important purchase of a kitchen; the environment of the home that requires both technology and practicality at the same time, without renouncing its aesthetics while simultaneously remaining within a budget that is not sky-high.

Furniture Trieste CONTINUITA' SNC - kitchens from Dada, furniture by Moroso, Molteni, Magis, Kristalia, Flos, Foscarini, Bonacina and other prestigious brands of Italian décor.
The Trieste furniture showroom is located at via Santa Caterina da Siena 8/b Tel. +39 040 2455239 VAT # 01079430326